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Jetracer: Flying Deck Chair Reaches Speeds Of Up To 250 km/h

Jetracer: French inventor Franky Zapata has developed a flying deck chair that can reach speeds of up to 250 km/h. Ten small turbines provide propulsion and ensure that the single-seater can take off and land vertically. This is the latest updated technology that is known. 

Franky Zapata is no stranger. The Frenchman is a professional jet ski pilot and inventor of the keyboard and the keyboard air. These are pieces of sports equipment that are powered by the recoil of water jets, allowing their pilot to hover nine meters above the water surface.

In August 2019, he again managed to cross the English Channel with the Flyboard Air. Now the Frenchman has developed a new aircraft: the so-called Jetracer. The single-seater resembles a flying deckchair and, according to Zapata, can reach a speed of up to 250 km/m.

Jetracer: Maximum Flight Altitude 3,000 Meters

The pilot of the jet racer sits unprotected outdoors. A special six-point harness fixes the body on the seat, which is made of carbon fibers. For safety, pilots must also wear a helmet and flight suits. Because turbines drive the Jetracer instead of rotors, the risk of injury is somewhat lower.

However, the ten microturbines heat up very quickly and are extremely loud. To fly agile, Zapata has installed a so-called thrust vector arrangement. This allows the jet tracer to reach a maximum height of 3,000 meters. In addition, a payload of up to 200 kilograms is possible.

Franky Zapata Is Giving Away Flights With Prototypes

So far, there is no exact flight duration and range information. Franky Zapata cites both the civil and military aviation sectors as possible uses. For example, the transport of unique materials is also possible.

It will, however, still be some time before that happens because there is still no exact production schedule for the Jetracer. However, the prototype is ready for use. Zapata is currently giving away 25 test flights in the USA. One hundred applicants are to be invited to a selection test. The 25 best then get the opportunity to fly the Jetracer.

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