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Hyperconvergence – Unifying Production Workflows In M&E

Even before the COVID-19 outbreak, public cloud adoption was rapidly expanding. After the pandemic hit, cloud planning and adoption quickly increased. From a technology perspective, creative companies are adopting hybrid cloud strategies and moving more workflows, computing, and data to the cloud. From a business perspective, cloud adoption enables global collaboration and allows teams to scale to deliver larger, more complex projects or a higher volume of projects at once.

Creative companies must deliver high-quality output while adapting to a new technological environment. By taking a hybrid approach rather than building from scratch, you can transform the way you work while maintaining business continuity.

Global Data Movement

With computer services now available in seconds, the next priority for creative organizations is how to store and move data. It’s not just about how quickly large datasets move through pipelines; it’s about ensuring that data transfers to the right place, at the right time, and at the right cost in the context of your workflow.

Because media companies are distributed across many locations, collaboration can be done 24/7 across all time zones, whether in physical locations, on set, in movie theaters, or remote off-site facilities powered by the public cloud. We deliver efficiencies that enable operations and take care of moving, duplicating, and duplicating data throughout your workflow. We also consider the commercial model that supports each project.

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Media and entertainment companies are seeing the biggest impact on their business as they leverage different types of technology and tools to address different workflow needs. A gradual migration approach is also a very effective way to adopt the cloud over time.

On-premises still have a role to play, such as providing an environment for manipulating and reviewing high-end, high-frame-rate uncompressed video in its native format, processing track-rich audio mixes in low-latency playback environments, and many other scenarios. There is. But even these types of organizations benefit from low-friction solutions that allow them to bring data into the cloud for burst rendering, post-production, and other work that has become “anywhere.” can do.

Additionally, enterprises with large LTO archives must maintain a physical location to access the media but migrate these low-churn archives directly to a cost-effective, low-temperature tier in the cloud. You can make a profit by doing so. This allows you to monetize assets that were previously locked in deep storage and also allows you to provide customers with a concrete cost to retain these files into the future.


The rate of progress and innovation this space has undergone may have been born out of adversity, but it has already brought about a huge amount of positive change. Creative organizations must now focus on the efficiency of moving content quickly and reliably. Data must be intelligently placed where the creative elements of the workflow need it.

Hybrid workflows aren’t just about duplicating resources in the cloud; they’re about integrating systems and technologies that allow you to unleash your creativity on a global stage without wasting resources. The data that powers this kind of creativity may need to be visible everywhere, but it can’t necessarily be replicated everywhere. We must also respect commercial models to prevent runaway costs.

In reality, the answer to the question “What exactly does hybrid mean for an organization?” is “How do we get the data to the right place without disrupting existing systems?” How can we maximize the potential of data unlocked from one location?

Hyperconverged infrastructure gives studios the flexibility to scale and adapt to change. Hyperconverged infrastructure provides studios with scalability and flexibility to adapt to change. This creates a streamlined on-premises environment that allows you to move data, workflows, and ultimately costs to the cloud, staying competitive across all facets of the media and entertainment industry and future-proofing your media and production workflows.

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